Barber Colman 6-5 hob sharpener #5463

Barber Colman 6-5 hob sharpener for sale.

Machine Specifications

Max. Rated Work Diameter 6"

Max. Rated Work Length 5"

Max. Depth of Gash 7/8"

Max. Distance Work Spindle to Tail Center 17"

Distance C/L Work Spindle to Platen 5.25"

Length of Table Travel, Maximum 8"

Table Strokes Adjustable 20-8 IPM

Grinding Wheel Diameter Max. 7"

Grinding Wheel Diameter Min. 5.5"

Wheel Spindle 3000 RPM

Wheel Setting Angle 30°R or L

Wheel Rake Adjustment ±1"

Wheel Vertical Adjustment 5"

Max. Tan Bar Setting 30° to 20" Lead

Working Spindle Tapers 1.250" Diameter

 .750" Taper per Ft

Wheel Spindle Drive 2 HP

Hydraulic Drive 2 HP

Electrics 3/60/440 Volt

Floor Space 66-1/8"L x 43.5"W x 77.5"H

Approximate Weight 5000 lbs